Shelley Songs

now we don’t care it’s water from heaven

from Dog Days by Shelley Barratt (Water from Heaven Album)

I decided to release the album, Water from Heaven digitally after all. It’s a slightly shorter version than the limited collection CD from 2014, but it includes several previously unreleased songs as well as an obligatory (and super fun to do) cover of Duran Duran’s Ordinary World.

we’re all on the island
under one sky

from One Sky by Shelley Barratt and The Cross Process

In 2020, I had the honor of being part of a long distance project by The Cross Process. The song is my 2021 Theme Song: One Sky – check it out, it’s a rocker with a great message!

let those wild horses follow the stars
while we find our way home

from Wandering Sun by Shelley Barratt
Wandering Sun by Shelley Barratt

backwards tilting blind
I somehow see direction in my mind

from 5 Revolving Doors by Shelley Barratt
Shelley’s historic song, 5 Revolving Doors, was written in Nashville, TN, arranged in San Jose, CA, and recorded in Phoenix, AZ

red sky was the morning dark sky was bright
our world seemed turned upside-down

from Ballast a Ship by 5 Revolving Doors (Shelley’s band)
Ballast a Ship Music Video by Cinematic Artistry

Shelley Barratt Music is available for digital download on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon or anywhere else you get your digital tunes. Look up:

  • Shelley Barratt (Origin of Flight album: No More Why, 5 Revolving Doors, In Between Towns, Sweet, This Time, Sea of Cortez, Desert, Dragon, Mr. Brooks, Muriel Sweetsong, Out Here, Desire; Singles: Sappy Baseball Movies, Met, Lay My Body Down, The Traveler, Wandering Sun)
  • 5 Revolving Doors (Ballast a Ship, Underground)
  • Blue House Red Door (Balance)

Contact Us if you are interested in owning an Origin of Flight CD. The Water from Heaven Collection is sold out and not available digitally, with the exception of the singles mentioned above.

Origin of Flight, 2004 cover, Sappycover, Met

cover, Lay cover, Traveler cover, Wandering

cover, 5rd Under cover, 5rd Ballast cover, bhrd


  • Underground (5 Revolving Doors) song voted Top 5 in USA Today’s second round of Gulf oil tragedy song contest, 2010
  • Ballast a Ship (5 Revolving Doors) Music video was released, 2009
  • Ballast a Ship (5 Revolving Doors) received “Runner Up” in the December round of the Song of the Year song and lyric competition, 2009
  • Shelley Barratt (5 Revolving Doors) featured as the GoGirls Elite Artist of the Week August 17-21, 2009
  • Everything I Need (Bob Reynolds, Shelley Barratt) received “Honorable Mention” for the 16th Annual Billboard World Songwriting Contest, 2009
  • Goodbye” (aka Muriel Sweetsong) featured in movie theatres across the country as part of February Cinemasounds, 2009
  • Nominated in the the First Annual Fame Games Effigy Awards, 2008
  • Shelley’s album, Origin of Flight, was signed to Rescue Records for music licensing, 2008
  • The Shelley Barratt Band performed at Hyperactive Music Festival 3, at One Up in Albuquerque, 2008
  • Muriel Sweetsong was chosen as a ‘Reviewers Pick’ in the ongoing Fame Games, 2008
  • The Shelley Barratt Band performed a 3-hour set for Opening Day at EXPO New Mexico in Albuquerque, 2007
  • Shelley performed at the Hyperactive Music Festival 2 in Albuquerque, 2007
  • Shelley performed for the GoGirls Music Showcase at Folk Alliance in Memphis, 2007
  • 5 Revolving Doors received “Honorable Mention” for the 13th Annual Billboard World Songwriting Contest, 2005


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