Artist, Musician, Writer, Entrepreneur

In search of singular and collaborative ventures


Shelley’s creative experience is art as expression with music and songwriting, lyric and poetry writing, vocal and other instrumentation. The majority of published activity is through Shelley Barratt Music.


Resourceful with strong qualitative and quantitative abilities, Shelley has an entrepreneurial spirit and an innate curious awareness. Responding to situations in a thoughtful way, she uses tools like technology, meditation, and honest inquiry.


Shelley is an executive professional with experience encompassing startup development, program and project management, business administration and operations, human resources and communications.

  • Start something.
  • Allow for change.
  • Take a moment to breathe, and then move forward.

Warning: the ideas, lyrics, music, and themes contained here-in will touch your heart and make you think.

KW, supporter

Note: this website is a work in progress.


Shelley is ecstatic to share her experiences with success, failure, lessons learned, fool’s errands, methodically plodding along, and crazy wisdom.

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out of eye corners
and droplets of dew
a glimmer of something
refreshing and new
In the Ether

Albuquerque, NM