Water from Heaven’s Digital Release

I decided to go ahead and release 2014’s Water from Heaven album digitally. Although half of the songs were released as digital singles, some were hard to find because of the various names and projects they were under. Shelley Barratt Music, The Shelley Barratt Band, 5 Revolving Doors, Blue House Red Door, etc.

For many years I worked with many exceptional musicians- who I thank from the bottom of my heart through good times and bad. It’s always a challenge to find yourself involved in projects that involve a group of people, hopefully all with a shared goal in mind- whether that is playing music for sheer joy, or working towards becoming an entity with loftier goals. Likely, this was also while all musicians involved also worked full time jobs, had families, and all kinds of other priorities in life. Including myself. As I peer backwards for a moment, it is amazing that we did as much as we did. I do not regret any of it, and I’m happy to have these songs and albums out in the ether. Perfect in their imperfections.

The last several songs (the first three songs on Water from Heaven) were recorded at Big Bug Sound in Phoenix, Arizona, with the guidance of producer and fellow musician, Robert Lang. He is no longer with us, and I am devastated even a year later to have lost my good friend and ‘comedian trapped in a musician’s body’. To be honest, I feel a little lost. He was going to help me setup my home studio. I briefly managed to get enough working to record vocals for The Cross Process project, One Sky, but I still don’t have a handle on the aspect of recording yet. I’ll get there.

The next three songs were recorded at The Hit Factory in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with the guidance of producer and musician John Hansen and his lovely wife, musician Magen Hansen, before life took them in another direction and they became beautiful parents. I’m sure they still have music going behind the scenes. This is also the time that the current band iteration, 5 Revolving Doors, solidified into: me, Jimmy LaPrelle, David DeBonis, and Geof Escandon–all who continued with me throughout the latter recordings.

Most of the remaining songs, except for Ballast a Ship and Balance, were recorded at Bob Reynolds’ Son Set Beach studio in Albuquerque. Bob and I worked together for years, along with Jimmy LaPrelle (our initial 5 Revolving Doors band iteration) and many, many other musicians over the years with The Shelley Barratt Band- too many to name here. Some of these recordings were really just demos and roughs, and I probably couldn’t name all the musicians on the tracks. But they were good enough to get out into the world. Ballast was recorded at Rema Records. Balance was recorded as a project with DJ Anthony Ash.

One of the main reasons I wanted to release this album was to get the Duran Duran cover out there. Ordinary World came about because of a request for a unique wedding gig at a local resort, where we followed the small party as bards. It was a song I always loved, I adored the challenge of the vocals, and Bob’s excellent guitar work was featured. It also has some nice backing vocals by Gladys Tangub, bringing us into the current times.

All in all, I am proud to finally have this album released. Note: there are a couple of songs on the limited edition CD that didn’t make it onto this release. There’s reasons for that, and if you are really curious you can ask.

Thank you for listening and I hope you will download and share this album.

Published by 518she

I am a writer, musician, poet, creative Jill-of-many-trades who notices, appreciates, and communicates art, life, and love on a deep level as they intertwine in a moment. A free spirit who is grounded in my imperfectly kind and practical nature, I strive to provide a space for you to fly into the light of your own blue sky or dive into the depths of your own vast ocean. Nothing and everything is sacred. I am not seeking, rather finding- and then translating.

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