Shelley Barratt Music Bio

The continued writing of lyrics, songs, and music has become a “choiceless choice” for me. I work delightfully solo or with those who accompany my Americana songs and melodic lyrics. My songs have received acclaim in Billboard and USA Today Song Contests, have been featured in movie theatres across the country, have been nominated for awards, reviewers picks, and more. Currently based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I still write and record music from time to time and play the occasional live show.

Shelley Barratt – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Mandolin, Keys, Percussion

WRITING with part instinct and part intuition, Shelley’s songs draw comparisons from Joni Mitchell to Madonna, Loreena McKennitt to Dan Fogelberg, The Eagles to Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow to Peter Gabriel. “Good groove. Cool imagery, theme,” –Billboard; “The powerful combination musically and lyrically creates a sound that is truly unique and refreshing. Barratt’s music provides a breath of fresh air,” –GoGirls Music; “Shelley’s music has merit overall but what makes her distinct is her songwriting… catchy rock-pop-folk tunes… blissful… rhythmic… curious,” –IMG Music; “I am enjoying the CD and hope to see more of your work on the market soon. All the best,” –Terry Brooks, Author; “You sing with your heart. Nothing under the heavens can stop that,” –Henderson Jones, Filmmaker.

Shelley Barratt is an artist, writer, singer, and songwriter out of Albuquerque who has performed at festivals, for minor league sports and state fairs, and at venues from Nashville to San Jose. She has hosted acoustic and women’s showcases, and created music for modern dance, special occasions and visual media. Shelley’s music has piqued the interest of dancers, authors and visionaries, and she has collaborated with recording artists signed to indie and major record labels. Shelley is a “Jill of All Trades” with a penchant for high-tech and creative business ventures. She is always on the lookout for interesting projects.


  • Water from Heaven Collection Album, Shelley Barratt Music 2013
  • Sappy Baseball Movies Single, Shelley Barratt Music 2013
  • Met Single, Shelley Barratt Music 2012
  • Lay My Body Down Single, Shelley Barratt Music 2011
  • The Traveler Single, Shelley Barratt Music 2011
  • Wandering Sun Single, Shelley Barratt Music 2011
  • Balance Single, Shelley’s project with DJ Anthony Ash, Blue House Red Door 2011
  • Underground Single, Shelley’s band, 5 Revolving Doors 2010
  • Ballast a Ship Single, Shelley’s band, 5 Revolving Doors 2009
  • Origin of Flight Album, Shelley Barratt 2004
  • Seed Time Album, Sub Culture (Shelley’s “Old” Band) 1990


  • “Underground” (5 Revolving Doors) song voted Top 5 in USA Today’s second round of Gulf oil tragedy song contest, 2010
  • “Ballast a Ship” (5 Revolving Doors) Music video was released, 2009
  • “Ballast a Ship” (5 Revolving Doors) received “Runner Up” in the December round of the Song of the Year song and lyric competition, 2009
  • Shelley Barratt (5 Revolving Doors) featured as the GoGirls Elite Artist of the Week August 17-21, 2009
  • “Everything I Need” (Bob Reynolds, Shelley Barratt) received “Honorable Mention” for the 16th Annual Billboard World Songwriting Contest, 2009
  • “Goodbye” (Muriel Sweetsong) featured in movie theatres across the country as part of February Cinemasounds, 2009
  • Nominated in the the First Annual Fame Games Effigy Awards, 2008
  • Shelley’s album, Origin of Flight, was signed to Rescue Records for music licensing, 2008
  • The Shelley Barratt Band performed at Hyperactive Music Festival 3, at One Up in Albuquerque, 2008
  • “Muriel Sweetsong” was chosen as a ‘Reviewers Pick’ in the ongoing Fame Games, 2008
  • The Shelley Barratt Band performed a 3-hour set for Opening Day at EXPO New Mexico in Albuquerque, 2007
  • Shelley performed at the Hyperactive Music Festival 2 in Albuquerque, 2007
  • Shelley performed for the GoGirls Music Showcase at Folk Alliance in Memphis, 2007, and was invited to Invasion of the GoGirls at SXSW, 2007
  • “5 Revolving Doors” received “Honorable Mention” for the 13th Annual Billboard World Songwriting Contest, 2005

I have had the pleasure of working with all kinds of amazing musicians over the years, but my latest crew I still consider ‘my band’:
David DeBonis – Bass
David has decades of experience playing the electric bass as well as double bass, upright, acoustic bass, and classical guitar. He studied composition and post-tonal theory at UNM in addition to performing live, touring, and studio work with pro and indie bands such as The Goldstiens, The Strawberry Zots, Rio Duende, Ant Farmers, The Remains, JFKixx, The Chesterfields, Angry Babies and more. David plays with both texture and tone melding styles from French Cabaret and Argentinean Tango, to free Jazz, Gypsy Folk and psychedelic pop. David is also a software engineer Ph.D., and tends his own vineyard.
Geoff Escandon – Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Percussion
Geoff is a left-handed guitarist with composition and improvisation as the focus of his creativity. Over the years, there have been many influences including most guitar heroes, jazz giants, and underground savants. Geoff mixes it all up, enjoying all styles of music, and often putting his own unique stamp on popular favorites. Oh, and Geoff shares a few current and past projects with David, including The Goldsteins, Rio Duende, and the Strawberry Zots.
Jimmy LaPrelle – Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Jimmy has experience with classical and percussive music and performed with the Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program including a performance highlight at Carnegie Hall. In addition to acclaim through collegiate Jazz and other school-related honors and bands, Jimmy studied under an NMSO percussionist. Apart from studying drums, Jimmy spent a year abroad studying in Heidelberg Germany, and retains his German ties. Jimmy relocated to sunny L.A. for a few years and later Denver where he lives, works, and plays music when he can.

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