One Sky

One Sky is my 2021 Theme Song. You can listen to it HERE.

My peer and former colleague, Jason Garcia, wrote the music and I wrote the lyrics, melody, and harmonies. Jason started a project called The Cross Process this past year out of his studio in Tokyo Japan. He works with singers and lyricists around the globe, and provides the music for their inspiration. I jumped at the chance to get involved, which pushed me to learn the basics on how to use my home recording studio to get the vocals done. While that took a while to get going, the actual writing of the song was done quickly.

It’s a good power-pop rock song with driving guitars and good melodic content. It got me moving, motivated to DO something. Here in the USA, in addition to the raging pandemic, we were dealing with an intense election year. Some of the rhetoric made it seem like certain things were political arguments, when the actual stark reality is: these things are happening all over the world. Despite the fact that we live quite differently one from another, we are still under One Sky. We are more alike than you think. I’m not sure how to bring folks back into the fray of truth and facts, but I’m going to keep marching on doing my best to be real, compassionate, and curious. Here are the lyrics:

One Sky

So you were wandering 
In the midst of millions 
With the wind that comes from our mouths 
Let it rain I’m the hurricane 
The tsunami that didn’t catch your name 
Under One Sky 

You were wondering 
One of several billions 
Determined and uncontained 
Go on start something 
Grow something synthesize 
I can sympathize with you 
As you weave together the pieces 
Of your metamorphosis 
Under One Sky 

some go beyond 
some take to flight 
horizon gone 
solar lunar one sky 

We’re all under One Sky 

Scientific reasoning undergoing seasoning 
For something better 
End distraction misdirection 
We’re all on the island 
Under One Sky 

some go beyond 
some take to flight 
horizon gone 
solar lunar one sky 

One Sky

Published by 518she

I am a writer, musician, poet, creative Jill-of-many-trades who notices, appreciates, and communicates art, life, and love on a deep level as they intertwine in a moment. A free spirit who is grounded in my imperfectly kind and practical nature, I strive to provide a space for you to fly into the light of your own blue sky or dive into the depths of your own vast ocean. Nothing and everything is sacred. I am not seeking, rather finding- and then translating.

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